What is Wallet-PC?


Ayoro's Wallet-PC is a very portable office!  In the form of a credit card sized USB device, it allows you to access your documents, your programes, your bookmarks and your settings from any computer.

Once you've set it up the way you want you can plug it in to any computer and access your own computer comfort zone - your language, your keyboard and all the stuff you need to work on your documents or your emails.  It leaves no trace on the host computer and synchronizes automatically with your base computer (where you normally store your documents).


Wallet-PC is credit card sized - always with you, never in the way.

It is so small you can carry it in your wallet or purse and your eLife is always with you.  As an alternative to a laptop it saves your back, saves your airline baggage restrictions and saves hassle.  As a complementary item it allows you to access your documents from a real workstation where you can easily hook up to the host computer's internet.


Wallet-PC is encrypted - security for peace of mind.

You can feel safe accessing your private documents from a work or public computer - Wallet-PC leaves no trace.  If your Wallet-PC is lost or stolen your confidential data is not accessible.  Wallet-PC is encrypted... and it's less likely to be noticed by potential thieves.

Wallet-PC also has an anti-virus scanner and a firewall.


Wallet-PC synchronizes automatically - you're always up to date.

No more worrying about which version of a document is the latest, no more losing data.  Wallet-PC simplifies your document management across multiple computers so you're always up to date.


Wallet-PC simplifies your life!

Do I need a laptop today?  What adaptors do I need in Russia?  Is my charger compatible in the US? Does my sister's computer have a spreadsheet programme?  Will my laptop fit in my carry on luggage on the plane? How do I find the right menus when I'm in Japan?  What if my computer gets stolen while I'm in the pub?  When did I last back up my files? Where do I find the code for internet access?

Relax, Wallet-PC has it under control!


For more information see the www.Wallet-PC.com web site.

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